One of our favourite Bristol wedding magicians, Darren Campbell

Finding the right wedding photographer is about so much more than finding someone whose aesthetic style you enjoy and whose photos you like to look at – although these are, of course, key parts. It’s also about finding someone you can trust wholeheartedly with your day, because they’re not only there with you for most of it, but also because they’re there to capture it forever (no pressure, then!).

That’s why relationships are so key to us as Bristol wedding photographers, both with our brilliant couples and within the industry too. This means that whenever our couples need a trusted supplier, we can reach into our little black book and introduce them to the person we know would be absolutely perfect for the job.

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Introducing: Darren Campbell, Bristol wedding magician

Darren Campbell is one of these people, if you’re looking for a Bristol magician. He’s a top-notch wedding entertainer and the perfect addition to your wedding day plans, whether it’s during a drinks reception, before the meal comes out, or in between the wedding breakfast and the evening do kicking off.

Darren’s a regular at so many of our favourite venues, including Coombe Lodge, Clevedon Hall, Quantock Lakes, Aldwick Estate, Great Tythe Barn, and more. In fact, he comes so highly recommended by us that we even hired him for Neil’s surprise 50th! (We also had Kieran Clarke DJ at Neil’s birthday party – you can see our spotlight interview with him here.)

We wanted to introduce you properly to the brilliant Darren, so we thought we’d ask him a couple of questions to get to know him better. So, as if by (ahem) magic…

David Blaine or Dynamo?

David Blaine – he was part of the reason I got into magic. His first TV specials had a massive influence on me and made me want to learn magic.

How old were you when you first discovered magic?

I was 15 when I first got into magic.

What was your first trick?

My first trick was from my brother’s magic set (a Paul Daniels magic set) and involved a very ‘special’ pack of cards.

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What’s your favourite trick to perform?

My favourite trick to perform close up is my multiple selection: up to 10 people pick cards which are then shuffled back into the pack. Then I find each one in a different way…

On stage, my favourite piece to perform is my straight-jacket escape, or possibly my needle swallowing routine. Check out my website to learn more about this!

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

It’s impossible to name just one so here are a few…..

Charlie Caper. I find his whole style and approach captivating.

David Williamson is another magician who never fails to make me laugh and smile when I see him perform.

Peter Wardell was also a massive inspiration for me and my business when I was first starting out. I even booked Peter to perform at my own wedding.

Is this your full time job?

Yes! I am pleased to say at the time of writing this has been my full-time job for 11 years.

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed to?

I performed on stage at St George’s Hall in Liverpool in front of 500 people.

Do you just work at weddings?

No, I do a lot of corporate events as well as a few private parties and Cabaret nights.

Do you like a bit of banter with your audience?

100%. I’d argue it’s more important than the actual magic sometimes.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

The first time I performed my straight-jacket escape I fell; to give context, I escape whilst on a Rolla Bolla on top of a table so I’m quite high-up. It was a very scary moment where I genuinely didn’t know if I’d be able to carry on, but I pulled myself together, got back on and managed to escape out of the straight jacket.

Have you ever cut someone in half?

It’s surprisingly difficult to find volunteers for this trick – especially when they find out it’s your first time attempting it.

Is magic real?

Without getting too deep I think the overall effect that my performance has on some audience members could be described as magic.

My main focus is to entertain my audiences and give them a great experience that makes them feel a bit of joy.

I think nowadays any art form that evokes emotion within an audience and makes them forget their worries and really be present in the moment is magic.

You can check out more of Darren’s brilliant work, and get in touch with him if you’re looking for a Bristol wedding magician, here. And if you’re looking for Bristol wedding photographers and want to chat, you can get in touch here – we’d love to hear from you!