About me – Neil Atkinson a Somerset wedding photographer


As a Somerset wedding photographer, you will benefit from my two decades plus photographic experience working for national newspapers. I have travelled the world on assignment, shooting everything from earthquakes to celebrity weddings, capturing events as they happened in front of my eyes, some good, some bad, but all fascinating in their own way. I’ve been a photographer now for 29 years. Things were different back then, really different! Film, darkrooms, chemicals, printers not to mention cameras you actually had to focus yourself! I was a young boy of 10 when I first borrowed (without asking) my Dad’s Zenith E camera to photograph my friend Ian kicking a football, no electronics, no auto settings, just a big lump of Russian metal with some glass on the front! Ian kicked the ball straight at my face squashing the camera into my nose giving me a huge nosebleed, I got the shot, I was hooked.

Photography has evolved over the years and I’ve evolved with it. Wedding photography has evolved too. Today’s Bride and Groom are more discerning than ever and are looking for something fresh, contemporary and original. I’d like to transfer the love I have for photographing people into my wedding photography, telling the story of your day in a series of flowing, natural images, capturing your day as candidly and as unobtrusively as possible. The most precious moments in life are never staged or contrived, they just unfold in front of you. I’m passionate about capturing these moments on camera so they don’t become a fading memory. I love it. I’ve always loved it. It’s what I do.

I photograph weddings all over the UK, including Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and all the places in between.